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Fitness Centres Management
  • 宏利金融中心健身室

       Manulife Financial Centre Gym Room

  • 友邦廣場健身會所

       AIA Tower Gym Room

  • 友邦香港大樓健身會所

      AIA Hong Kong Tower Gym Room

  • 東亞銀行員工康體會健身中心

      The BEA Staff and Recreation Club Fitness Centre

  • 希慎廣場                                                         Haysan Place #Urban Park


籌劃及開辦多元化之健體課程 (TRX懸吊式訓練課程、高強度間歇訓練課程等)。

Basic Fitness Centres operation management, provided with on-site Fitness Instructor teaching with basic fitness training knowledge and the use of training equipment. Ensure the safety of customers and keep clean of the venue. Plan and organized fitness course (TRX Suspension Training Course, HIIT Training Course, etc).

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