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Interest Classes Course



The mission of “PULSE”:

We provide high-quality “teaching” and “learning”



We believe learning with diversity courses, the potential of each student can be discovered and further developed. The courses are arranged from beginner to advance level to meet the needs of kindergarten, primary and secondary school’s student. Besides focusing on curriculum development, we also focus on cultivating students’ attitudes towards learning, encourage students to learn actively and keep on learning.


We served and tailor-made approx. 100 Interest Classes Course

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  • 健身課程  Fitness Program

  • 新興運動課程  Emerging Sports Program

  • 球類課程 Ball Game Program
  • 舞蹈課程  Dance Program
  • 廚藝課程  Culinary Program

  • DIY工作坊課程  DIY Workshop Program

  • 學術課程  Academic Program

  • 武術課程  Martial Arts Program

  • 手工藝課程  Arts and Crafts Program

  • 畫藝課程   Drawing Program

  • 表演課程  Performance Program

  • 兒童成長課程  Child Development Program


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